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​Methodology of Curricular Management:
A ​S​ocioformative perspective:

This book contributes to the implementation of curr​​icu​lum (resume), according to the c​urrent social challenges and tendencies towards the future. It is based on Quality Management of learning and formation of people​ supplemented with critical thinking, entrepreneurship and ethical performance.​ ​To achieve this, essential, conceptual and methodological aspects of competences are analyze​d a​nd there is special treatment to planning, execution and evaluation of ​the ​curriculum​ itself.

Mind maps and the achievement of organizational objectives

In this course you will learn how to apply the mental maps in the organizational planning.

​Course length: 2 months (80 hours).
Cost: $300 USD

Assessment instruments​:​ ​C​ourse by competences

Lear​n​ how to design different kind of assessment instruments such as competences rubrics, estimation scales, checklists, PISA-tests and some more​ tools​.

Course length: 6 months (300 hours)

Cost: ​$​800 ​USD

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English Course:
Started on Tuesday​ (May, 23​ 2016​)​​

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​​Closure for the English Course, Level I: Beginners is ahead!​ This course was specially designed for the Latin America students.

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​We are teaching for the Knowledge Society with a project-based program

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​We support the researching processes according to the needs of every institution we work with. We receive these requests here:

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​​We have new courses and study resources in english training

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Develop articles and books in a collaborative way with us. We offer you full-support, step by step. Send us your publication needs and we'll be there to support you.

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