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Ekap University

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Studying for the Knowledge society

Our institution is focused on the didactical training, research and high-level publications on the following areas: TIC, Languages, Life Quality, Sustainable Development and Transformation of Organizations applying Complex Thought. Our methods are based on a practical-project approachment, with basis on the collaborative work and context problem-solving skills.

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6 Reasons to study, research and publish with us

Real Project working

On every course and training program, the participants must plan, execute and socialize a project to solve a real life problem. The projects articulate several activities, on a dynamic approach designed to keep the interest on study or research, depending the case.

Sustained mentorship

In all our training and research programs we offer guidance and permanent support to students and participants so they can achieve their goals and solve the problematics encountered. Mentorship is focused on the academic, professional and personal fields.

Hi-level Professors

Our trainers and professors are experts on their specific areas and have advanced training on the Project Working Model. They are hi-level experienced professionals that disinvolves as consultants and researchers on many countries.

Continuous feedback for the goal fulfillment

We bring continuous feedback to students and participants reviewing their achievements, opportunity areas and errors, to help them reinforce their talent and improve. This is done based on a rich criteria and the use of evaluation instruments. We bring several improvement opportunities.

Training and research anywhere in the world

You can study, research and publish with us, anywhere in the world, with the same advantages of the face-to-face seminaries and traditional research project models: live sessions, collaborative work, indexed magazines publication, virtual congresses, etc.

Manuals, explanatory guides and support software

We support the training, research and publication processes with explanatory guides and videos, examples, successful case studies, software and practical manuals, validated in different processes and contexts all around the world. These materials are very useful for the professional growth.

We are a High Study Center focused on the Knowledge Society

We work training specialists & experts.

In our institution we train consultants and researches on many different fields, such as Life Quality, Society of Knowledge, TIC, environmental sustainable development and the Transformation of Organizations for the global changes. We support publication processes on several books and magazines.

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Relevant and useful projects, teorethical-practical clases, live teleworkshops with experts in different fields, publication on different media and sustained mentorship.

Our connections

Instituto de Capacitaci├│n Dominicano: Institution focused on training in labor competencies that innovates permanently in accordance with the tendencies and needs in the business sector.

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